Caring for your candle

1. Keep your candle away from direct light, as they can fade or discolour if left directly in exposed light for long periods of time. 
2. When you burn your jar candle, allow the pool of wax to extend to the rim to prevent your candle from forming a "canyon" in its centre. Burning your candle this way will also set its memory. Each time you re-light the candle it will "remember" to burn out to the rim. 
3. Trim the wick of your candle to 3-5mm each time you light the candle. This will ensure clean, smoke-free burning. 
4. It is unlikely you will experience smoking if you've already trimmed the wick, however, if smoking occurs, extinguish the candle immediately. Pinch or trim the wick just a bit more and the smoking should stop. 
5. Candles need oxygen. Consider the size of the room when you display your candles. If you burn a candle in a small, confined area it will smoke. 
6. The most effective way to extinguish the flame of a candle is to use a candle snuffer. A snuffer helps to prevent the wax from spraying and keeps the wick centred. 
7. If you store candles, be sure they are in a cool, dark and dry place. 
8. Do not light damaged candles, as they will not burn properly and might present a safety hazard. 
9. Please burn your candles mindfully. 

Candle safety

1. Our jars are fragile, please handle with care. Do not you use if the jar if it is cracked, chipped or scratched. 
2. Place on protected, heat resistant, dry surface and well away from anything flammable. 
3. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 
4. Keep wick trimmed to 1/4" or less at all times. Keep candles free of wick trimmings and matches. 
5. Do not allow the flame to directly touch the side of the jar. Keep wick trimmed and centred. 
6. Please handle carefully. The sides and bottom of the jar may become hot while the candle is burning. 
7. Discontinue use when 1/4" of the wax remains. This will prevent possible heat damage to the counter surface or the jar itself. 
8. Never leave a burning candle unattended. 

For any questions regarding candle care, please email